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Accessibility-Plan LPS 2022-24.pdf
Acorns Nursery Uncollected Child Policy.pdf
Allegations Against Staff in Schools.pdf
Anti-bullying policy 2023-24.pdf
Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2023-24.pdf
Child on Child Abuse Policy 2023-24.pdf
Debt Recovery Policy.pdf
DfE Teaching Online Safety.pdf
DHMAT central safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf
DHMAT Charging & remissions policy Feb 24-25.pdf
DHMAT Complaints Policy 23-24.pdf
DHMAT Confidential-Reporting and Whistleblowing Policy v...
DHMAT Equality Policy.pdf
DHMAT Equality Information and Objectives Policy.pdf
DHMAT Finance Policy.pdf
DHMAT Grievance procedure.pdf
DHMAT Managing Serial Unreasonable Complaints V1.1.pdf
DHMAT Relating to Management of Complaints to the DMAT.pdf
DHMAT Safe Recruitment Policy.pdf
DHMAT Scheme of Delegated Authority 2023.pdf
DHMAT Schoolsafeguarding Policy LPS 23-24.pdf
DHMAT Staff Code of Conduct.pdf
DHMAT Unreasonable-Behaviour-Towards-Staff-in DHMAT-Acade...
Early Years Policy 2023-24.pdf
Educational Visit Policy.pdf
Escalation Policy.pdf
Exclusion Guidance - 2020-23.pdf
First_Aid Policy 2024.pdf
LAC_Policy LPS 23-24.pdf
LPS Behaviour policy 2024.pdf
LPS Preventing-Extremism-and-Radicalisation-Policy.pdf
LPS Social Media Policy and Guidance .pdf
LPS uniform policy 2023-24.pdf
Online Safety Policy 2023.pdf
Positive (physical) Handling Policy .pdf
PSHE RSE Jigsaw Policy 2023-24.pdf
Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Policy 2023.pdf
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