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Welcome to Languages at Ludlow Primary School!

At Ludlow Primary School, we believe that the teaching of Spanish helps foster an excitement and enjoyment of language and we aim for it to inspire a curiosity in other countries and cultures and open up the possibility for children to communicate with people beyond their own community.

Our children are exposed to different languages from Nursery, Reception and KS1 through games and songs related to the key topic areas and then from KS2 they begin their journey into more formal language learning. The Spanish curriculum at Ludlow covers a variety of key topics. The children develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, with the strongest emphasis being on speaking. Certain topics are revisited in each year group and the curriculum is driven by a strong progression framework to ensure that the children’s skills are built on year on year.

In Spanish lessons there is a strong emphasis on cooperative learning. We have made links with Ludlow High School to highlight the future opportunities of learning Spanish to our children. We aim for children to leave Ludlow Primary School with an enthusiasm and confidence for language learning, underpinned by an understanding of its value and culture relevance.

We use Language Angels to teach and learn Spanish in KS2. To support learning please login into:


In KS1 we hope to learn simple greetings in many languages

Watch this video to hear some different ways to say Hello around the World


Here are some books that would help support your child's Spanish learning!

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More Spanish Language Books


flag of Spain | BritannicaMFL I.I.I Statement


flag of Spain | Britannica4 Year Progression Plan


flag of Spain | BritannicaFuture Whole School Yearly Overview


flag of Spain | BritannicaSkills Progression Document

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