Call: 01584 (872765) for EY/KS1 and (873602) for KS2

Meet the Team:



HEADTEACHER: Mrs Kate Mather





Teaching Staff:

Little Buds Nursery: Ms Paula Gardner

Acorns Pre-school: Ms Angeline Greaney / Mrs Amy Gill

Wrens (Reception class): Miss Jessica Potter

Robins (Reception class): Mrs Claire Preece

1 Ash (Year 1): Miss Lauri Houchin

1 Oak (Year 1): Mrs Henrietta Lloyd-Kitchen

2 Ash (Year 2): Mrs Jo Davies

2 Oak (Year 2): Ms Nicola Grant

3 Ash (Year 3): Mrs Nerys Meyer

3 Oak (Year 3): Mr Theo Evans

4 Ash (Year 4): Ms Nicola Collins

4 Oak (Year 4): Mrs Linda Mellish

4 Elm (Year 4): Miss Sophie Davenport

5 Ash (Year 5): Mrs Juliet Jones 

5 Oak (Year 5): Ms Rebecca Smith

6 Ash (Year 6): Miss Katie Froggatt

6 Oak (Year 6): Mr Liam Whitbread

Cover Teacher: Miss Helen Baillie

Our Well Being Team:

SENDCo and Well Being Lead: Miss Jennie Marsden

Well Being Coordinators: Mrs Ruth Cummings and Mrs Kim Pearce

Family Support Worker: Ms Paula Marshall


Our Learning Support Staff:

Mrs Atkins, Mrs Austin, Mrs Badham, Mrs Barber, Mrs Baldwin, Mrs Boulton, Miss Broome, Mrs Chidley, Mrs L Davies  Mrs W Davies, Mrs Duppa,  Mr D Evans, Mrs L Evans, Mrs Gould, Mrs Granger, Miss Kinsey, Mrs Lacey, Mrs Lucas, Mr Mapes, Mrs Minton, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Seabourne, Mrs Shinton, Mrs Siwicki, Miss Symonds, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Weston, Mrs J Williams, Miss K Williams


Our Admin Staff:

Mrs Elizabeth Barrett - School Business Manager

Mrs Jill Elder - Finance Support Officer

Mrs Emma Wright - Administration Assistant

Mrs Clare Coleman - Administration Assistant


Our Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Spear, Mrs Jones, Mrs Blount, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs Gould, Mr Elliott, Mrs Boulton, Mrs Webb, Miss Evans


Our Premises Staff: 

Caretaker: Mr M Saunders / Miss S Barker

Cleaning staff: Mrs Spear, Mrs Gould, Mrs Sheldon, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Wear


Our Governors:

Chair: Mr Kevin Bryant




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