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At Ludlow Primary School, we endeavour to equip and nurture the children to become the artists and designers of the future. We provide them with the skills and relevant knowledge they need, as well as giving them the freedom to express and explore. Through a tactical, vibrant and imaginative art curriculum, we engage every child’s capacity to create and design. We also foster a learning environment that appreciates and praises the work of others. As well as mastering skills and techniques, our pupils develop personally, becoming increasingly creative, resilient, and confident. Their own work is based on a secure understanding of the work of artists, craft makers, architects and designers and the ability to discuss their techniques and intentions.


Art and Design recommended reads


Each year, we really enjoy contributing to Ludlow Fringe Festival Art Trail. 


             Art activities to try at home.

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Useful websites:

Hereford Museum and Art Gallery

Victoria and Albert Museum

BBC Art and Design Videos/ Activities

Art and Design I.I.I. Curriculum Statement

Art and Design Curriculum Progression

Art and Design Vocabulary

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