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Reading, and developing a passion for reading, is one of the most useful things that a child can learn when they are young. Research suggests that the more a child reads for pleasure, the more likely they are to be successful when they are older.

At school, children read a wide range of texts, developing a range of reading skills throughout the curriculum including whole class sessions, one to one reading and reading independently.


At Ludlow Primary School, we use 'Read, Write Inc' to teach phonics. We have daily 30-minute phonic sessions during EYFS and KS1, where we learn about how to read using our phonic knowledge. We play lots of different phonic games which help us understand how sounds make words and we use words to make sentences.

Whole Class Reading

From Year 2, we conduct reading sessions as a whole class. During these sessions, we  ensure children are immersed in high-quality literature and learn the skills needed in order to develop a greater understanding of the texts. We often use E.R.I.C (Explain, Retrieve, Infer, Choice) in our whole-class sessions and practise the skills needed to confidently discuss the books/text we are reading. 

Parental Support

At Ludlow Primary School, we understand the importance of reading and value the support parents give us with regards to their child learning to read, and developing an enjoyment of it.

Here you will find some useful information about how you can support your child with their reading, both at home and in school. 

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